Design Questionnaire

Family Members/Pets:
Phone Number:
How would you describe your/your family’s lifestyle? (ex. busy, laid back, casual)

Describe your favorite way to entertain: casual or formal, number of people etc.

Any special audio/video, computer/security needs?

Other facts we should consider as we work together on this project? (ex. Allergies, specific family needs, special events)

What is your interior style? (ex. rustic, modern, traditional, transitional, eclectic)

What colours do you prefer? What colours do you not like?

If we looked in your closet, what colours would be most prominent?

Please describe what patterns you prefer. Are you drawn to solid fabrics and textures, patterns or a mix of both? (ex. animal, geometrics, floral, stripes or graphic)

For each room we are designing please answer the following:

1. Who will be using this room and what is its primary function?

2. Describe the mood and overall style and feeling to be achieved in this room

3. What are some of the challenges/obstacles in this room?

4. Is there any existing furnishing, accessories or items you would like to keep in this room?

5. Do you have any favorite furniture brands? Or anything you have seen that you would like us to incorporate?

6. Have you thought about a budget for this project?