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After meeting new mom and Global News anchor, Farah Nasser, it was clear that she wanted her home to feel welcoming and be reflection of their strong family values. The couple had recently purchased this beautiful home but their previous furniture wasn’t quite fitting with the new space.

We love learning what makes our designers tick, so when we had the chance to sit down with the fabulous Yvonne Whelan of Yvonne Whelan Design, we took the opportunity to pick her brain about everything design.

Meet The Expert

Meet The Expert
At Miele Gallery Caplan’s With Yvonne Whelan


Crystal has been such an amazing addition to our team. She’s a talented designer and amazing to work with. Even Now Magazine recognized her Amazing achievements…take a read!


First time entering the CDECA annual design contest results in a win for Yvonne…take a read!


Article Featured in Reno and Decor Magazine

yvonne HighPoint

Delighted to have been a part of the Style team at Highpoint. The Instagram takeover was so much fun. Highpoint is North America’s largest Furniture Market.

yvonne Novella

With an innate love for design, Yvonne Whelan follows her instinct to deliver all of her projects. She knows that our home speaks about ourselves much like the way we dress.

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reno & decor