Initial Consultation

Welcome to Yvonne Whelan Design and thanks for your interest in our Design Services.

The Initial Consultation Package Is for those looking to establish, plan and develop a concept for their home.

The Design Consultation is the first step for every new project.

During this meeting we will discuss the scope of your project, your goals and budget.

We will also discuss your tastes and lifestyle. We suggest you plan for 2 -3 hours of time for this meeting.

To make the best use of the allotted time we suggest you fill out our questionnaire beforehand as it will help you be prepared to answer our questions and come up with questions of your own.

This consultation will give you the positive boost to get your project started in the right direction.

We will provide a wrap up report of the meeting in the days to follow.

If you’d like to book a consultation, please send us an email or give us a call to schedule.


What is E-Design?

E-Design is a a easy way to update your space without ever leaving your home. With a just few small steps we can design your space with by utilizing our skills and resources. Each design is tailored to your to your individual style, budget and space.

Here’s how it works:

What we need from you:

Pictures: Pictures of from different angles in the room. 4-6 per room.

Measurements: rough measurements of the space. We can guide you through what we need in order to space place accordingly.

Inspiration photos: Let us in on your personal style by sharing your Social Media accounts with us. Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, websites or even cut out of magazines. Let us know what you love!

Fill out our questionnaire: We have an in-depth questionnaire that we will send you to help us hone in on your design needs. Once we this is complete we may follow up with a few questions, and then we begin to work our magic.

What we provide:

Concept board: Detailed and inspiring concept board that will bring to life the vision of the space.

Floor/Space Plan: Birds-eye planned view of the space drawn to scale. Floor plan will show where all the furniture, millwork, case goods, art and accessories will be placed.

Shopping list: We provide an itemized list of all the recommended items from our concept board. Shopping made easy!

Price List:

Hallways I Entryway I Powder Room I $300

Bathroom I Breakfast Nooks I $450

Dining I Home Office I Nursery I $ 650

Family Room I Living Room I Bedroom I Master Bath I $750

Kitchen I $800

• Layout planning
• Furniture selection
• Suggestions for finishes
• Fabric suggestions (for furniture, drapery, and/or accent pieces)
• Paint colour suggestions
• Lighting and accessories (where applicable)
• Kitchen, bathroom, basement or entire renovation suggestions
• Custom Furniture and Built in designs
• Project Management if required.
• Installations

Family Members/Pets:
Phone Number:

How would you describe your/your family’s lifestyle? (ex. busy, laid back, casual)

Describe your favorite way to entertain: casual or formal, number of people etc.

Any special audio/video, computer/security needs?

Other facts we should consider as we work together on this project? (ex. Allergies, specific family needs, special events)

What is your interior style? (ex. rustic, modern, traditional, transitional, eclectic)

What colours do you prefer? What colours do you not like?

If we looked in your closet, what colours would be most prominent?

Please describe what patterns you prefer. Are you drawn to solid fabrics and textures, patterns or a mix of both? (ex. animal, geometrics, floral, stripes or graphic)

For each room we are designing please answer the following:

1. Who will be using this room and what is its primary function?

2. Describe the mood and overall style and feeling to be achieved in this room

3. What are some of the challenges/obstacles in this room?

4. Is there any existing furnishing, accessories or items you would like to keep in this room?

5. Do you have any favorite furniture brands? Or anything you have seen that you would like us to incorporate?

6. Have you thought about a budget for this project?

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